Thyme, helps against the symptoms of Flu and Colds

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) oil


Thyme, as well as being a popular culinary herb, has a long association for its medicinal benefits dating back to the Roman times and is the active ingredient in many well known over the counter pharmaceutical products.
Thyme Cream
is ideal for rubbing on the chest. The vapours will help as a  decongestant of the respiratory tract. For small children it is advisable to rub the cream on the soles of their feet due to the concentration of the essential oils within the cream.

A soak with  Thyme Bath Essence helps also, but it is important that the bath water is 35-36ºC. If it is too hot the essential oils will evaporate too quickly, too cold and the pores will not open to allow it to be absorbed into the skin. When using bath essences, do not use soaps as they wash away the beneficial oils from the skin.

As thyme has antiseptic properties, Thyme Essential Oil can be added to a little water and placed in an oil burner. The vapours will not only help relieve nasal congestion  but also help disinfect the air in the room. Thyme essential oil contains high levels of Thymol which has been found to be effective against nail fungal infections.


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