Fantastic Plastic!

AluVsPEA few of our customers have been questioning why most of our creams are now coming in plastic tubes rather then the aluminium ones. Will this affect the quality of the product considering the volatile essential oils content in the Nahrin creams? We asked the experts to explain. Here is their reply:

There are multiple reasons for the move from aluminium to PE tubes, all of which are for beneficial reasons.

  • Over the past 10 years there has been a dramatic development in the science of PE tube manufacture. Nahrin use COEX quality tubes which makes it safe with products containing essential oils.
  • Unlike aluminium, the PE tubes keep their shape and therefore look great up to the very last squeeze.
  • PE tubes do not crack and therefore do not leak leaving the product exposed to air which allows it to degrade.
  • As the quality of PE is now so good, aluminium tubes are less available and have to be ordered in huge quantities. Not holding vast stocks of printed tubes allows Nahrin the ability to react and improve our products both in performance and to environmental issues through our commitment to research and development.
  • Most pharmaceutical companies have made the transition to COEX tubes.
  • Regular PE tubes would be cheaper then their aluminium alternative. Nahrin however use the more expensive triple layered COEX. This structure makes it non reactive and impermeable to the volatile essential oils.

Therefore our move to PE COEX tubes has not been an economic one but to offer a improved user experience, an improved packaging solution and allows us to react faster to product improvement and innovation.

While we are not implying that the old aluminium packaging is not good or effective, the view is that the new PE COEX packaging has all the advantages. The remaining few creams which still come in aluminium will be replaced with the PE tubes once stocks of previously ordered aluminium ,yet to be filled, packaging have been used up. We hope this clarifies the move.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this or any other issue concerning Nahrin products.

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