Local nectar


Buying local honey has many benefits. Not only are you helping to support small local producers who’s bees help pollinate your garden fruit trees but it may also help if you suffer from hay fever.

Bees collect pollen from the very plants that are causing you the discomfort of hay fever and concentrating it within the honey they produce.  By eating the honey during the months leading up to the hay fever season may help desensitises your body to these allergens before the levels get too high. And what a tasty way to do it! What’s more the carbon footprint of each jar of honey will be tiny so great for the environment too.

Because of the nature of this micro industry, supplies can be difficult to find all year around and especially at the beginning as the bees will not have been producing honey during the winter months.

Honey should not be given to children under the age of 1 as being a raw unprocessed product, there is a risk of botulism in infants. As with any product you eat, if you suffer from extreme allergic reactions to pollen caution must be taken as anaphylaxis has been known to occur.

Honey is also a tasty alternative to sugary foods. It also makes a good cough suppressant.

To find where to buy local honey you click here.


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